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AVE Africa Foundation Blog

AVE Africa (Abuse and Violence Eradication in Africa)

We discuss scenarios, case studies and proffer solutions concerning Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

We also educate the public on how best the Vulnerable in the society can protect themselves, especially in societies with poor levels of security and where pedophiles increase in numbers daily.

AVE Africa’s Objectives:
OBJ 1 – To increases awareness about the dangers of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence towards Women and Children.

OBJ 2 – To emphasize the role and importance of Sex Education for young Children, as early as the age of two (2) year old.

OBJ 3 – To discuss Sexual abuse cases and proffer way forward to avoid re-occurrences.

OBJ 4 – To encourage Positive Parenting and underscore the effect of strong Family bonds.

OBJ 5 – To reach out to the Government, Parents, Guardians and persons in corridors of power to proffer long term solutions, including stiffer penalties for Offenders.

OBJ 6 – To educate Women in Africa (especially those going through Domestic Violence) understand that “a failed Marriage is better than a failed Life”

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